Temples are locations where Hosts can unlock the Sins and restore to full power.

Each Sin has one temple situated over a ley line where they can draw upon power and restore themselves. Ownership of the temple transfers between Sins as they are replaced. To unlock a Sin, the Host must first collar the Sin to prevent them from escaping after their unlocking. The Sins must then be placed on an altar where the Host can restore their power. At each temple, the corresponding Virtue will normally show up to try and stop the Host from unlocking the Sin. However, this has not been done for many recent Hosts.

Temples can change in layout and appearance, depending on the incarnation of the Sin.

The Sin's temples vary widely by the Sin in question.

  • Lust's temple is located in a cave. Even she isn't sure how that happened.
  • Greed's temple is generally the trickiest one, as a female-run city that worships an unnamed Goddess was built over it to due to the temple's energy. The Sins and Host are generally forced to sneak in each time.
  • Envy's temple is out in the middle of a desert.
  • Gluttony's temple is kept underground, usually forcing the Sins to dig a passage to it.
  • Sloth's temple is situated in a well in an unnamed town.
  • Anger's temple was a sacrificial shrine out in a forest area. It was destroyed to a degree by Desire at Rhett's command as it didn't sit well with the others. It has since become an overgrown ruin.
  • Pride's temple is found out in a field. Originally made of mirrors, it was destroyed by Rhett using Desire's power. After Fortune became Pride's incarnation, the broken mirrors were removed and the temple grounds were converted into a playground.