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Sloth Shade

Sloth Shade

Sloth Shade


Formerly Known As

None, Sloth is an original Sin


None, demons have no gender

Opposing Virtue



None Known

First Comic

Sins Chapter 2, Page 32

Fully Unlocked By


Collared form

Same as Sin

Released form

Same as Sin

Shade color


Sloth is one of the seven Sins. Aside from Lust, Sloth is the only Original Sin currently in action as a Sin. This is simply because he is too lazy to quit. Sloth is also the only Sin not to have a known vice. Presumably, it is too lazy to gather them.

Arguably the purest personification of his sin, Sloth does absolutely nothing all day unless absolutely necessary. Hard work is the only thing shown to cause Sloth panic. This is even reflected in his speech, as he never says more than a simple "Meh" that the other Sins somehow comprehend.

Though he has been shown to possess overwhelming strength once sufficiently angered, the only time this trait was seen was is the original Sin vs Virtue fight, when he was trying to protect Lust from the Virtues and the Original Comic, when Rhett was host when Sloth was stepped on by Labor . In that case he became monterously large, as one of his fists was the same size as Labor (Refer Chapter 3 pg 54-55).

He has a strong relationship with Lust, often seen on her shoulder and defended her in the original Sin vs Virtue fight. At some point, he was on Pride's shoulder because Lust was with Rhett. Lust was devestated by this because of their relationship, and got mad at him. He asked for forgiveness and she gave it to him.