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The fifth chapter of Sins Venials follows the Sins second conflict with an undead Perrin, a prior host.

Plot SummaryEdit

Lust is bothered that they are only using the silver Gauntlet, and never the gold. She then begins to ooze black grossness out of her mouth then faints. Greed oozes it out of his eyes, Envy out of his chest, Gluttony out of her mouth, and Sloth just seems to faint. Anger and Pride aren't affected. A hooded stranger appears out of the distance. A bunch of bugs crawl out of her sleeve. Envy hits it with a palm tree and its cloak is knocked off, revealing it to be Perrin, zombie and former host. Now Perrin has died twice, so it is very weird for her to be... alive. Anger transforms into a giant Chupacabra, and catches Perrin, then Envy kills her again, but she survives. After many more failed murder attempts, Gluttony suggest they seek help.

They seek the help of Necromancer Murdoch. He has a horn as a result of Necromancy. He reveals that you cannot just kill someone possessed with a dagger. You must remove the spirit from its soul. He goes on to reveal that Hosts' souls aren't destroyed, but shattered and can be restored.

Murdoch employs Envy, Sloth, Pride, Anger, and Gluttony to keep Perrin occupied while they attempt a solution. Perrin takes her anger out on them for the next four to six weeks. In the end, they carry her back to them in various bits. Murdoch has constructed a Golem of Perrin's body. Perrin wants it so bad to the point of tears. She's allowed to have it, and her evil possession wastes away.

In the after math, the Sins are enjoying MILKSHAAAAKES with Murdoch. They request that he make Golem bodies for them.

The Sins live in their bodies happily for two years.