That's Pride, he's an ass

Formerly Known As

Grandeur (Vice) Unknown Human Name (Human)


Male (He was a human male)

Opposing Virtue




First Comic

Sins, Chapter 2, Page 54

Fully Unlocked By


Collared Form

Old man


Technically Deceased

The second Pride, Grandeur was originally a human who nearly drowned when he was alive. Pride managed to save him by turning him into a Vice and stepping down, leaving Grandeur to become the new Pride. He held this role until Fortune was recruited, presumably being kicked out to make room for her. He was not too sorry about this, however, since he mentioned to Lust that he thought he was free of her when encountering her in the Spirit Realm afterwards.

Grandeur lives up to his vice nature very well. He thinks himself more important than everyone else and is convinced he's also the best looking. This is best reflected by his temple, composed entirely of mirrors for him to look at himself. His biggest faults seem to be his self-infatuation and his fear of water, acquired from his near-death experience.

Grandeur was likely a man of high standing when alive. When he was involved in the boating accident that led him to become the Vice, he was accompanied by guards in heavy armor. Also, his clothing has extra decoration, making it more likely that he was a rich person.