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None, Gluttony is an Original sin


None, demons have no gender

Opposing Virtue



Feasting, Craving, Gorging

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Released form

Black, eyeless bird-shaped demon with sharp orange beak

Gluttony is a tough Sin to beat. It has the power to infinitely regenerate itself, but only if it eats. Unlike Craving and Gorging, Gluttony is not limited by what it can eat, and can feast on dirt and flesh, but it prefers living prey.

Gluttony appeared in the original Sins vs. Virtues fight. It was able to regain its strength by eating anything that contained some nourishment, such as soil and dirt. During the battle, it was also capable of melting the Virtue's helmets with its acidic drool. It consumed the dead bodies (and in one case, the living one) of the human soldiers the Sins and their host sent to battle, to try and regain its strength. It also attacked Pride and ripped its body apart to regenerate itself. It was a move that proved disastrous for the Sins.

The shades of Gluttony, Pride, and Lust were bound to the first Host as punishment. Gluttony proved incapable of controlling its hunger and rage at being defeated and attacked the girl, almost eating her, before Pride and Lust stopped it and sewed its beak shut.

Gluttony stepped down well before the Sins met Miranda, the second chronological Host in Sins Venials. It stepped down after its body weakened, due to it feeding off itself because Gluttony was not eating enough. According to Pride, Gluttonies have limited Sin lifespans for that reason, forcing replacements to take up the mantle. Gluttony is the only known Sin that is known to require regular replacement.

Gluttony made an appearance when Gorging was being trained as Craving's replacement. It looked emaciated. Pride scolded it, saying it lost the job through its own fault. This was likely due to it attacking the first Host and the Sins preventing it from eating enough.