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Formerly Known As

Fortune (Tarot)



Opposing Virtue




First Comic

Sins Venials, Tarot page 5

Fully Unlocked By


Hair Color


Shade Color


Collared form

Young girl

Released form

Same as sin, but with skin, legs, and clothes

Fortune is the current incarnation of Pride. She is the second known Sin who was not initially a Vice or demon, Grandeur being the first. She was a member of the Tarot, a group of Forces trying to make a home for themselves on the world, but they were seen as unbalancing by the Virtues, who ordered the Sins to destroy them.

Fortune is the literal embodiment of luck. However, since luck can be both good and bad, Fortune can also bring misfortune. Moreover, she is not capable of controlling how her power manifests, making her prone to accidents. She also has a tendency to set fire to objects, and is not allowed near fire on bad luck days.

When Lust was sent to kill the Tarots, she did not wish to harm them, even though she was forced to. To avoid harming Fortune, she tried her best to find signs of sin in her, so that she could be removed from the Tarot and incorporated as a Sin. By admitting that she liked to look pretty on occasion, Fortune showed signs of pride. This was enough for Lust to take her to the Spirit Realm and install her as a Sin, replacing Grandeur.


Fortune tends to be very gentle and kind. She is fiercely protective of her friends, however, and can become very dangerous once enraged, due to the loss of control over her power and will. This was made painfully clear when she thought that the Tarot, who had replaced her, had kidnapped or killed Jin, the Host who saw Fortune as a surrogate mother, and the only one thus far to unlock her full potential with the Sealing Stone from her gauntlet. Fortune flew into a murderous rage, almost causing the cavern, in which she found the proof of Jin's involvement with the Tarot, to collapse, before being subdued by Lust.

If Fortune is merely trying to be angry, she gets little further than tormenting and annoying others with childish-like behaviour.

Fortune is also innocently naive. Asked by Jin if she ever hunted anything, she replied, "I think I've hunted bananas before".

Despite her naivety, Fortune is very intelligent and observant, and she is capable of discerning situations that the other Sins do not spot.

Fortune tends to possess humans during the times she is free, because she likes the possibilities humans offer. Rather than roam around in an animal or demon guise, she tends to work hard in a human body, such as a librarian or waitress. However, a number of times, her host body can be seen just enjoying herself.