Drop Dead Gorgeous (DDG) is a second comic by Pip. The story has since ended and the bonus comic, Mercynaries, is available at

DDG chronicles the life after death of the main character Zipwalden, after his passing into Offworld, and his attempts to work off his karmic debt. He happened to end up in the show You bet! with host Netta, who instantly managed to scare him. After some attempts to escape and hide from Netta, a shape-changing cloak latched on to Zip, transforming his body to a female. Netta made him become a part of the show in return for guidance on how to use the cloak. Making Zip the "You Bet beauty", Netta caused the viewing figures to skyrocket, but Zip was highly uncomfortable in the female form. However, after seeing the Reapers (the souls in Offworld who separate the souls from the dead), Zip wanted nothing more than become a Reaper. Unfortunately for him/her, Netta has a good bit of influence among Reapers and Reaper trainers, and Zip did not manage to escape her completely.